i think the thing i get most comments/questions about from my blog is my dog. i'm sure if you're reading this/follow me on twitter/instagram (@kleebelle)/know me in general you'll know i have a little fat pug called louie. i've noticed lately how pugs seem to have become MEGA popular and the next cool dog to have. i just wanted to share some facts and advice if you were thinking of becoming a pug mother/father! there's a lot to think about in terms of the breed, obviously they have health problems, but please don't let that put you off! it just means pet insurance is vital.

puggy health

pugs are apparently known for their poor health/breathing problems and whatnot but obviously i can only go on what i've known with my dog. louie is two now, and (apart from being a bit chubby) he's perfectly healthy. in the past two years he's suffered from an eye ulcer which was pretty costly but he recovered well. because his eyes are so huge it's super important to make sure they're clean. i find louie's eyes water a lot in the sun so i'm constantly making sure he's not in any discomfort! i also have to clean his face wrinkles/nose daily, because his face is flat and he likes to sniff everything.. it gets dirty pretty quickly.

puggy depression

it's true pugs get depressed if they don't have enough human contact. louie constantly under my feet and like victoria says in this post you just get used to a pug shadow following you around and watching you shower. i find that louie just isn't bothered which human he's sat on just as long as he's sat on SOMEONE. i wouldn't say pugs are loyal at all, they just genuinely love people.. anyone who will show them affection. they're pretty fickle like that. it's obviously important you have the time to look after any animal, but looking after a pug is pretty time consuming since they want ALL of it!

puggy breeding

granted i don't know a great deal about breeding as i mention in this post but louie still has all his own bits and i'm really unsure what i'll do about that. he's happy enough as he is for now but i don't know if he'll ever be a pug dad. louies (pug) dad lives opposite me and that's how i ended up buying him. pugs ARE expensive, and i think if you've found one 'cheap' then you can safely assume it's a cross breed or riddled with health problems. even though i came across lou because of a friend, i still paid close to £1000 for him.. and that was before i'd bought him food, toys, insurance or had for his shots done.

puggy love

pugs are lap dogs, plain and simple. i read a horrible article lately about how they use pugs as 'bait dogs' in america to train other dogs to fight because pugs do NOT fight back. there's absolutely no way (and i know everyone will say this about their own dog) that louie would ever bite anyone. even when he plays and pretends he's 'aggressive', if you put your hand anywhere near his mouth he'll stop and lick (kiss) it. he's so affectionate and loving he's forever kissing anyone/thing he see's. sometimes it's a bit weird when he walk pasts you and licks your foot but it's charming really.

puggy vs puggy

pugs love other pugs. lou is part of a little snorters group which is basically a group for mental (little breed) dog owners like me to meet up and for the pups to socialise. it's actually incredible being in a room full of hundreds of pugs and not hearing a single bark. no fights, no aggression just a lot of sniffing, playing and the occasional hump. that doesn't mean that pugs don't bark.. louie is constantly shouting at the tv when he see's horses, cows or those meerkats. he's a massive softy when other dogs bark at him though, instead of retaliating like a normal dog he just sits down and cries. pugs are the wimpy kids at school. like i said earlier, they'll also NEVER fight back. an alsatian recently tried to attack louie and instead of growling back or whatnot louie cowered and lay down. luckily louie was fine (apart from an alsation imprinted paw mark on his little head) but i'd never let him off his lead for this reason (and because he's naughty and won't come back!).

 this was a little long and not like what i'd normally post but i hope it's been somewhat useful if you're thinking of buying a puggy. they're amazing dogs and i'd never discourage anyone from getting one! if anyone has specifically they want to know feel free to leave a comment/tweet/email me and i'll try my best to help!


  1. I'd absolutely love a pug but right now I just don't have the time or funds to take care of one properly. But I'm happy to wait a few years to find my little puggy soulmate if it means giving them a happy and healthy life :3

    1. awwh i love this comment. you're definitely doing the right thing waiting until you have the time! sounds like you'd make the perfect pug momma :) xx

  2. Aww your little loupug is soo cute! It's true that pugs are 'the dog of the moment' I've seen loads recently! Great post :)
    Rachelle x

  3. Look at that little squishy face! Pugs not drugs <3 Cx

  4. everything that you said is so true to my pug puppy Pups! i'd love to be part of something like Little Snorters (LOVE the name!). Louie is gorgeous!

  5. awwwh pugs are adorable! I wish I had the time to take care of one. This post made my day :)x

  6. He's a little heartbreaker! Such a lovely post to read. I am a cat lady,but a pug would always be my dog of choice (I'm partial to a French bulldog too!) x

  7. I love this <3 so many people think pugs and others similar like french bulldogs are like fashion accessories =/ they are such a commitment, they are more like doggy children [=. Im sure neville pug and louie pug would be fabulous friends hes such a cutie !! x

  8. I also wish we had a group like this !! It's making me want to start one >.< xx

  9. I'd love to have a pug, always had dogs with my mum but I moved out into a flat so can't have doggys :( great post, really helpful thanks :D

  10. I really want a pug but just can't afford one :( I want a friend for my labrador but don't want another big dog x

  11. Aww I dont have a dog, I dont have the time or money but I really really enjoyed this post. :] Lou is beutiful x

  12. I must have an abnormal Pug with Lola then, she is so fiesty! A Staffy escaped from a garden once and attacked her and she fought back. Well, she gave it a good go anyway.

    I'm glad it's not just mine that bark at horses and Compare the bloody Market adverts. The worst one is the Lloyds TSB advert with that silly jingle which drives them mad ("pa pa pa paa, pa pa, pa pa pa paa") and the horse logo at the end to top it all off! haha.

    Soo true about the loyalty bit. I went on holiday for a week and when I picked them up they were like "whatevs". They'd follow anyone who they thought would give them their tea



  13. I've always wanted a pug so I fell in love with Louie as soon as I first followed you! I'm 17 so live with my parents, I have a little Jack Russell and we have 2 other dogs in our house too - no room for a puggy! I definitely plan on getting one when I've been to uni and am living on my own in a few years :-) Pug love! <3

  14. Thanks for writing this post, it was so fun and interesting to read (I didn't know a lot about pugs). And that picture is just too adorable! :)

  15. Love this (and Louie!), nice to see someone putting it out there that pugs are animals that need plenty of special attention, and not just because they're cute.

    We have a spaniel- not as sought after, but just as highly bread, and they have all sorts of foibles, not just long ears!

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  17. Awh such a lovely post! Like I said in the tweet I’m not a pug fan per say but that squishy face is too cute! I agree how pugs are like a trend now a days.

    Your pug sounds well looked after! x


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