if i was a rich girl nananananaaaa

topshop adios2 boots
miss selfridge studded bag
warehouse military button dress

it's my birthday on saturday so i've obviously been looking for birthday treats for myself! i don't expect i'll get any of this really as i'm off to venice at the weekend! doesn't stop me window shopping though..

i know everyone in the entire world has the michael kors watch, but i really want it too! i have a marc jacobs bow watch which i love but it's err.. a bit small and difficult to actually read the time off! how cute is the burgundy dress? i basically want 99% of the dresses from warehouse at the moment. same applies to the river island one actually! think i might have to have a pre italy birthday treat, that's allowed RIGHT?


  1. If you want a cheaper alternative to that RI jacket, primark has one I saw it today. :)



  2. Going to have Gwen Stefani in my head all night now after reading your title! I love the black lace dress, it would go perfect with those studded boots! Jealous of you heading off to Italy, have a wonderful time!

    louisejoyb x

  3. The nars palette looks amazing!xx

  4. So want the Minnie Mouse nail polish its gorgeous! amilliondresses did a post about them which gives you a good look at how they come up.



  5. The title of this made me giggle, gotta love Gwen Stefani! I adore that rose gold watch!

  6. If I was rich I would buy you ALL of these.

  7. I really love the river island dress - love the sleeves!


  8. I'm definitely picking up the Primark version of that RI jacket, I love it! I also really really want a Michael Kors watch in my life, it will happen one day xx

    1. I'm in love with that RI black dress, they only have size 10 and 12 online aaaaargh! been trying to track on down for ages :(

  9. I adore that black lace dress and the studded boots are so cute!

    Birthday treats are essential! Hope you had a great day yesterday - I look forward to seeing some photos :)

    I am now following you and have added your blog to My Favourite Reads!


    Click here to check out my blog – Hailes Hearts Fashion.

  10. Great post, I want that watch too. Excited to have found another geordie blogger, well kinda...I'm a north-easter! Pop over and say hi on my blog if you get a chance, I'd love to see you there :)

    B xxx

  11. In love with the Topshop boots and RI dress! :) x

  12. The two dresses are completely gorgeous, River Island is amazing at the moment

  13. I want that river island jacket so much, I've seen so many jackets like this with leather sleeves - they're so on trend!

  14. I love all these picks! great choice i wish i had more money tooo. xo


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