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i realise my blogs been a bit distant as of late, so i thought i'd do a little life update with the help of my iphone! i also haven't done an instagram post in forever so i hope it's not too dull. 

my new dressing table! isn't it beautiful? this was before i filled it with all my crap!, had some princess cupcakes baked for me, went to a cocktail making class at revs, had a productive beach party at work, louie being gorgeous, face

drank wine on brighton beach, wore a bear kigu, my sister did the great north run and made loads of money for beating bowel cancer in aid of my dad, louie playing in the park, my colin the caterpillar birthday cake from work, went to matfen hall on a work day out for activities, spa and free bar.. amazing!

i turned twenty five in venice, it was beautiful and i had the best time. i spent my birthday drinking champagne on a beach then watched the sun set over the water. what more could you ever want? i also (mostly) got over my fear of boats and i even braved not wearing any face makeup the entire holiday!

amazing food from jamies italian, went to the paralympics!, also went to the krispy kreme launch which meant doughnuts took over my life for at least two weeks, louie prepping for halloween (he's gonna be a pumpkin), went back to southampton for the first time since i graduated (for work) and ate ice-cream in the park!, louie having a nap in my bed (as usual)


  1. Love the dressing table! And such an incredible way to celebrate a birthday - I love Venice! Jelous!

  2. How gorgeous are you without any make up on?!? I love instagram pics :) Especially when you have a dog that bloody cute!



  3. How wonderful it must be to turn 25 in Venice! Not going to lie, I'm pretty jealous of the caterpillar cake. And I'm in love with your dresser, where's it from? I've been looking for one like that for years!

    louisejoyb x

  4. Looks like someone has been having FUN! xo

  5. Pugs on swings and pugs as pumpkins- definitely the cutest things I've ever seen!! I'm glad you had a wonderful birthday and I am overly jealous of that dressing table! xx

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  6. How adorable is your pug!? I want one so baddd! Love your dressing table darling, where did you find that beauty if you don't mind me asking?

    Eda ♥

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  7. your dressing table is beautiful! And having a birthday in Venice sounds quite perfect! xx

  8. I have squealed so many times at this one post! ave never seen a pug look so happy in my life! (swing photo!) and the pumpkin outfit is sooooooo cute!
    This post actually made my day. and I am SO JEALOUS of your trip to Venice it looks absolutely beautiful. As are you! And your hair is amazing! xxx

  9. Pug love, so cute!

  10. Your dressing table is beautiful! Wow, celebrating your birthday in Venice?! Must have been magical, the sunset is gorgeous. I can't help but go to Krispy Kreme after work, they're too addictive! :D Louie as a pumpkin how adorable!

    Just Smile.

  11. The photos of Louie are amazing!! - so funny
    Also I LOVE colin the caterpillar - I had a giant one for my 18th YUM



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