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asos dress

hello! this was the dress i spoke about in a previous post that didn't turn up in time for an event, i'm kind of glad it didn't because it's not as great as i thought it'd be! i still liked it enough to keep it though.. makes sense. it does make a good day to night dress though, it's good for work and after work drinks! i love the lace and batwing sleeves, my only issue is the chiffon material is knee length on me, i'd prefer it a bit shorter. is it just me or are asos dresses always stupidly long?! i'm not exactly short either, i'm a pretty average 5'5! 

i have no idea where this week is going! my days so far have merged into one massive day and it's a bit confusing. hope everyone had a good weekend? i went to see my friends band retriever play and then got considerably drunk and danced the night away. i also took louie to get his new winter coat, and i think he looks adorable! i couldn't not include him.. YOU'RE WELCOME.


  1. I like the dress, but I LOVE Louie's coat!

  2. Really pretty dress. I always think ASOS dresses are long and I'm 5ft 7 ! x

  3. You total babe! Louie's is also a total babe! <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  4. My dog has that coat in red!! I love Louie, have you seen http://www.mammabiscuit.com/ ? x

  5. the dresses are either far too long, or your showing off your vag! love you lou! x

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