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tom ford cheek colour in narcissist

i just wanted to introduce to you all the new love of my life. HOW BEAUTIFUL? i was very very kindly sent this to try out and obviously i was not disappointed. i'll point out by firstly saying i don't think i'd ever be able to justify spending £45 on a blusher, but if i could.. i mostly definitely would own the entire collection by now.

i don't have anything but good words to say about the product, it's the most pigmented thing i've ever touched and it sits lovely on the skin. it doesn't fade AT ALL (the picture above is from a full day at work!) and it even comes in it's own little dust bag. it's just incredible, but would you expect anything less from tom ford?

i hardly make any effort with my makeup anymore, i have no idea why! i'm very much a foundation, mascara, blush and lip balm kind of girl at the moment. i think it's probably because i spend most of my life at work and have finally reached a point where i'd rather stay in bed than apply makeup! i knew it'd happen eventually.

hope everyone's having a good week? it's friday tomorrow! yay weekend!


  1. That's gor-geous! I'm still looking for such a shade, but I probably won't spend that much money on a blusher :D

  2. I just couldn't spend that much money on a blusher, but that's such a gorgeous shade! :D

  3. Sooooo gorgeous! I love that shade, I oogle Tom Ford makeup all the time but no way I can afford it sadly :(

  4. £45? Yikes! But it is very pretty x

  5. So beautiful! It looks amazing on you. I always get so tempted by products like these when they look amazing on other people, and have to pull myself in when I realize I'm far too pale to do this product justice.

  6. This is stunning! Don't think I could justify £45 just for a blush though!



    1. loooove it! I would go crazy though and put loads on, I'm awful with blush and end up looking like a clown. I get to work, look in the mirror and have to rub some off. I've got better now that I have a good blush brish though, doesn't put up so much blush. Really want to try a Tom Fod lipstick x

  7. Amazing colour! Tom Ford make up all looks lovely but I could never afford it waah :(
    Rachelle x


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