in the middle

long time no blog! no excuses really, except being busy and wasting most of my life on fantasy shopper - anyone use it? it's so much fun but doesn't do much for my bank balance, i always find a million things i need to buy because of it.. ahh! i'm also in the middle of trying to sort myself out to take a MASSIVE risk with my life which is terrifying but exciting.. and possibly something i've needed to do for the longest time. watch this space! in the meantime here's a bit of a monthly catchup via instagram.

loupug being a cutie pie, my friend livvy and i being cats, best present.. a puggy bracelet!, the star and shadow cinema in newcastle, went to the disney boutique in harrods which was so much fun, my incredible new phone case from rosie at sparkle and studs it's so so lovely! i've had it a few weeks now and it's still as sparkly and new as it was when i first received it. you can order through rosie's facebook or talk to her via twitter! she's also very kindly offering a 20% discount code if you quote 'wakeupbuttercup' 


autumn walks with loupug, power to the people sign, louie opening his pooch pack which was kindly sent to him! he totally loved everything in it - i just wish i could afford to buy him one every month!, visited christmas, more christmas excitement, being little red riding hood for halloween, my dad made me dinner.., old picture of me and pippa pug (don't tell louie), beautiful fireworks


  1. uuuum I want someone to make me dinner like that. I'm lucky if my brother makes me a cup of tea!

  2. lou pug is literally the cutest, i want one! x

  3. Love your halloween costume x

  4. I always absolutely love your photographs!
    And your pug is adorable!
    It's a busy time of year, I don't blog half as much as I'd like to!
    Good luck with the big risk :)
    x x x

  5. Just found your blog. Amazing photos dear <3

    New post on my blog. Hope you'll check it ;)
    Lots of kisses, Elena

  6. Loving the pic from Blackheath, I'm having some of mine printed to try and decorate my space a bit. And big risk? Sounds exciting.... does it mean what I think it means?

  7. yup :) see you in the new year!


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