Tuesday, January 31, 2012

my loss, your gain part 2

sometimes i buy things because they're on offer or because everyone else buys them and then i never use them. usually these things are at least something i think i'd like but sometimes they're things i know i won't even use. i don't exactly remember how i ended up with these but i have, and i've never even tried them.

i did a similar post about an mua palette, basically if anyone is a fan of crackle nail polish and would like to take these barry m ones off my hands just leave a comment below with your email address or a way of contacting you! no need to be a follower of my blog or tweet about it or anything like that. i just don't like seeing things go to waste!

i started a new job at the beginning of the month so i've been super busy with that! spent some time in london, a lot of time drinking cocktails and any other spare time with my puggy! i think he's a bit angry with me because i'm working full time, he's best mates with my dad at the minute because he's home all day! oh btw, louie has his onw tumblr which i'm getting better at updating for the cutest pictures you ever will see. (probs)

Monday, January 09, 2012

make up for ever hd

whilst i was in paris i obviously had to go to sephora. i was way too overwhelmed with how much STUFF they had that i couldn't properly concentrate. i've been looking at this foundation for a while online, but haven't ordered because it's.. expensive without being colour matched. figured i might as well just get it when i could! the lady who matched me did it VERY quickly and with a err rather large language barrier between us i was a bit sceptical about it being the right colour. i'ma take this sentence to apologise to make up for ever french lady for doubting you, because it's a pretty good match! i'm shade 115 for reference. (nc15 in mac, shell in estee lauder doublewear, mont blanc in nars sheer glow, generally palest shade in drugstore foundations..)

since this is supposed to be medium-full coverage i was expecting it to be quite thick but it's not really! i'd say the coverage is more sheer-medium to be honest. it blends effortlessly and if you were to need the extra coverage, i imagine it'd be super easy to build up without it caking. i do quite like that for days when i want to look like it's 'my skin but better', i am quite partial to the YES I AM WEARING MAKEUP look though.. i'd say it's a semi-matte finish, and it can look a bit flat without blush or a contour/highlight, which you can see in the pictures below! this is after a full day of wear, with only a touchup on my nose (bane of my life, foundation always lasts really well on my skin apart from my nose!). as you can see my blush/everything else could do with a touchup but my foundation seems to be pretty much intact.

obviously i haven't had this for too long but my initial impressions are pretty good! i find it actually looks better on me as the day goes on, probably as it stars to set more? i have no idea! it's similar to chanel mat lumiere (on me) in that sense.

i've made a (somewhat) vow not to buy any more foundation until i finish a bottle (currently have about 6 on the go..) but i'd love to know if you'd recommend any?

Saturday, January 07, 2012

paris, je t'aime

PARIS! after drinking far too many cocktails on the thursday evening, 5.30am came around REALLY quickly and before i knew it seb was bribing me with tea to get out of bed. it was difficult, but i managed.. hurrah. after a little nap on the eurostar and trying my best to apply makeup on a moving train we arrived in gay paree! VERY EXCITING. our apartment was upgraded and it was just lovely. (we booked our apartment through housetrip which was a lot better than finding a central hotel! totally recommend them!) i've uploaded more photographs to facebook which you can see here if anyone is interested! took way too many for one blog post i think, oh dear.

even though the weather was a bit rubbish and we walked so much our feet almost dropped off, we had the BEST time. it was just lovely! the french however do not cater for vegetarians at all. there was literally nothing i could eat in most places which wasn't very nice. even mcdonalds didn't offer their veggie option! they did however offer macarons and croissants, which made up for it.. somewhat. we did lots of touristy things, joined a lot of queues, drank some wine, ate some cheese.. y'know, generally became french. (without the rudeness)

the 31st of december came and we still hadn't decided what to do! it came down to either drinking champagne under the eiffel tower or going to watch fireworks at disney. we obviously chose disney. (new years day evening was spent drinking champagne underneath the eiffel tower though.. not one to miss out on champagne.)

if i could live in disney, i would. (but only if they got better food for vegetarians, ie.. anything.) it becomes so much more magical at night. the parks stayed open until 1am which was pretty cool, too. we spent all day/evening wandering around and not going on many rides. (we're rubbish) it's pretty amazing how you can have such a brilliant time in a theme park without even going on a lot of rides! lots of love to disney for making EVERYTHING so exciting - even queuing!

the hours seemed to pass really quickly and suddenly there was this made rush to get to the castle. there was a lot of pushing and even more shoving. it was like a million more people had suddenly came out of no where but WHATEVER. surprisingly wasn't that cold, but that might have been down to my super cute earmuffs seb bought for me. i'm still trying to decide how much the world would hate me if i was to wear them in england.. anyway, the fireworks were awesome and it was most definitely the best and most special new years eve i've ever had. if you ever get the chance to go to disney for nye, i most definitely recommend it.