laura mercier silk creme foundation (soft ivory)
topshop cream blush (flush)
l'oreal telescopic mascara
l'oreal carbon gloss liner
mac brule and espresso eye shadows
revlon cherries in the snow lipstick

hello! thought i'd start the new year with a new face of the day. i've been pretty boring with my makeup lately and don't think i've changed anything in a really long time! makes my life easier though. the foundation has had a load of blogger hype so clearly i had to join in. really glad i did though because it is lovely. it sinks into the skin which sounds a bit disgusting but it lasts all day on me without highlighting the horrible dry patches i sometimes have. definitely recommend trying a sample if you haven't already.

christmas seems like a million years ago but i haven't updated since before then! i had a jolly old festive time with family and seeing friends. my boyfriend came to stay too which was lots of fun! after christmas we both came back to london.. and.. i haven't left! spent NYE watching fireworks on southbank which was all kinds of special but i probably won't want to do it again.

since then i've just been getting used to london life whilst trying to find a job. fingers crossed it won't take too long and if anyone wants to hire me or be my london friend please do!

AND FINALLY AND MOST IMPORTANTLY i have a new blog layout lovingly made by forwardcreate it's pink has bunting and the font is my handwriting, i love it!


  1. Ooooh where's your top from? Looks lovely :) xx


    1. thanks! it's a dress from topshop :) x

  2. I love the eyeshadow combination! Thinking I may just have to give the Laura Mercier a go :L

  3. you look so lovely. love your hair color.

  4. good luck finding a job! you look gorgeous, your make up looks so pretty <3 x x

  5. love the new blog layout! so adorable. and your make up looks amazing, seriously need to try laura mercier products

    chloe @chlowitty blogs

  6. Your new layout is lovely! Sounds like you've been busy lately, and good luck with the job hunt, fingers crossed!

    louisejoyb x

  7. The layout is so cute and your hair is a lovely colour btw! x

  8. It's all neeeew! looks lovely. Will ask my mates in London if they know of any jobs, they all work in magazines or are stylists :)xx

  9. I saw you'd moved to London, hope your finding it amazing so far :D You look beautiful in these snaps x

  10. You are gorgeous, I love your make up!



  11. Lush dress you look Lovely. going to have a right nosey of ur blog tomorrow bit late now :)


  12. What hair colour is that? Is it a dye? If so which one??

  13. You look beautiful! What colour is your hair? If its dyed which dye do you use? :D

  14. amazing hair style,lovely color This looks absolutely incredible, i like this kind of style thanks for sharing

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  15. wow what a lovely hair style,looks absolutely incredible thanks



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