3,2,1 I'M BACK!

it's been a really long time since i blogged properly, or even at all but HELLO. i've had so many ideas for posts and things i've wanted to blog about for the past few months and just.. haven't. not sure why i haven't wanted to but hopefully i'll be able to pick up where i left off!

so much has happened since i last blogged so i think i'll just ignore all of that and start fresh! i think i'll do a catch up post next.(for my benefit really, i'm sure no one cares!)

anyway the point of this post is pugs. if you've read my blog, followed me on twitter or met me you'll know i love pugs.i'm sorry if i've ever made you stalk pugs with me. anyway, so i'm sure you've all seen the three mobile advert with the pug in (!!!), i obviously fell in love with it right away. three very kindly sent me a box full of pug things which is quite possibly the best bit of post i've ever received. they also asked me to share 3 things with you...

3. favourite songs.

this is difficult. does anyone else find this difficult? WHY IS THIS SO DIFFICULT? okay..
tina turner; proud mary. this is my happy song. it's also my favourite song to sing on karaoke.
bruce springsteen; i'm on fire. this is one of the first songs i ever remember hearing/knowing the words to. my dad used to sing it to me when i was a baby.
q lazzarus; goodbye horses. it makes me an emotional wreck but it's beautiful and holds a lot of sentimental value.

2. favourite places in london

this is also quite difficult! i've been living in london since last christmas and i love ALL OF IT. well most of it.
angel; i love love love angel. it's definitely one of my favourite places in london in general. it has really cute bars and shops and it's just lovely. luckily i work right by so i'm there a lot!
broadway market; this is my favourite place to be at the weekend. lots of cute and interesting foodie things and bloody lovely in the summer!

1. picture of loulou.

i love this picture because i think you can tell how much i love him and how fat and grumpy he is about it all.


  1. welcome back :) Lou looks really cute in that pic! <3 I have similar photos of me hugging my cat and him no being best pleased..x

  2. hahah aww he's so adorable! Welcome back, i love your blog :)

  3. I absolutely adore pugs so I loved this post - the three advert made me awww so loudly when I first laid eyes on it! How cute is your pug too - I so badly want one!!

    Elizabeth x


  4. Glad you're back and all the pug stuff look adorable. You pug looks so cute by the way!

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin'

  5. Yay! I hope you're back for good! I really love Angel too - it's so pretty and has a really nice atmosphere doesn't it?

    Hope you're good :) xx


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