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another day, another post! i'm getting better at this. 2014 is going to be the year my boyfriend and i make our flat look the way we want it to. we have lots of plans for what we want to do, we just can't seem to find the time to do it. i guess life's too short to worry too much about the little things but i know we'll both be a lot happier once we're finished.

for now i thought i'd share a little bit of our front room - you'll notice a theme of pugs. this will no doubt continue throughout the flat which i'm sure everyone's happy about..! my favourite thing in the entire world are the flying pugs which sit above the TV. they're actually on sale at pugsmightfly though still stupidly expensive. they're adorable though! the london signs were sent to me by out there interiors and i think we may look into buying a third sign to fill up the wall.

next on the list is the spare bedroom which we need to (start!)finish really soon as my sister and niece are coming to visit in a couple of weeks to see BEYONCE. oh my god i am so excited!! (for beyonce.. though having my sister and niece visit will be nice too...) 2014 is looking good for concerts and gigs - already got tickets for taylor swift, alkaline trio (x2!!) and brandnew. PHEW!


  1. I love the flying pugs..and all pug related things for that matter! x


  2. Lovely flat decorations and yay for seeing Beyonce!

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

  3. Love all your little pug goodies :) Really wanted to see Alkaline Trio but my boyfriend is seeing them at Greozrock a week before they play the UK and wont go again boooo xx

  4. Pug salt and pepper shakers. I don't think I've ever seen anything so perfect! Have fun seeing Beyonce, I'm sure it'll be amazing :)

    Bella . BELLAETC

  5. Hehe, the pug salt and pepper shakers are adorable! I like the rest of your decorations too, especially the flowers - they seem to brighten any room, real or fake. Gotta remind myself to get some too!

    becky / star-violet.com

  6. Oooooh, looking forward to seeing all this in the flesh. I think you'd agree that your flat is definitely a lot more.... put together than ours, especially at the moment.

    T & I just debating buying EDC tickets for July.... but wincing at the cost with a possible impending move.

  7. Love the little red pugs xx


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