tout de la fruit

paris is wonderful isn't it? we only left three days ago and it already seems like a distant memory! i had a lovely time though and my boyfriend's going to have to work extra hard to make sure all of my christmas presents are this good in future! (i kid, i kid.. well.. maybe..)

we were very lucky with the weather, it didn't rain once and it wasn't too cold so we spent most of our long weekend wandering the streets, eating crepes and getting lost. it was pretty special. we did do one super touristy thing and went up the eiffel tower as we hadn't done that together before and apart from the queue it was magical. i didn't realise we'd been up at the top for over an hour just.. staring and taking it all in. (and taking stupid selfies)

the rest of our time was spent drinking wine (it is SO cheap the geordie in me still can't cope with this fact despite numerous visits to france). HUGE plastic bottles of wine for 2 euros. i'm basically trying to say i was drunk for most of my time in paris and i don't regret a thing. pictured above are crazy french versions of long island iced tea cocktails.. i know, right? those weren't so cheap but they were worth it.

i was treated to champagne and macaroons at laduréee on our final day which was the most incredible thing ever. i know there's a store in covent garden but it's nothing compared to the experience you get when you visit in paris. stupidly expensive i'd agree but it was one of my favourite things to do and i'd definitely recommend it if you go to paris.

i spent a lot of time in various sephoras and pharmacies browsing and trying to decide if i wanted to buy anything. the last picture is all of the things i bought - not quite as much as i expected i would but i'm looking forward to trying everything out. does anyone else get mega stressed out in sephora? there's just so much choice i find it impossible to shop in. in the end i figured all of the brands stocked there i could get in the uk/online so i opted for a few sephora own brand bits and bobs.

when we got back to london my ghd air dryer was waiting for me which was SUPER EXCITING. i've only used it once but i'm in love already. one more day until the weekend :)


  1. Sounds like you had an incredible time.
    I'm heading to Paris at the end of March.

    We're going to try and recreate that LIIT version after work tonight.

  2. Ooh, Ladurée macarons are the best!


  3. Aaaaaaah, pharmacie haul! I'm a real convert to French Pharm- having actually found stuff that works. Never been to Paris, I feel like I should go, just to say I've been once. And y'know, to drink wine. I'm good at that.

  4. Sounds absolutely amazing! (also, the title of this post reminds me of a certain episode of Friends)


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