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hello from loupug and i. i haven't really posted properly about loulou in a long time since 2012 actually! which is crazy because i love him and he's beautiful. you can follow loulou on tumblr if you want because he's a much better blogger than i am and is well on his way to being tumblr famous..

as you can see by the pictures above little loupug is getting old and now sports a grey chin. i say old - he's 4 this year but is very much an old man for the most part. his nature hasn't changed since my last post, he's still very loving and enjoys sitting on humans as much as possible and watching people shower. he loves playing with other dogs even more now too, he has no fear at all!

the only main thing that is different is he's now allowed off his lead in certain places.. he has a few doggy pals he plays with including a great dane and a dalmatian. they're so cute because the size difference is obviously huge and little loupug the tank can't keep up with them (though tries his best) so they wait for him to catch up before running around some more. ADORABLE.

he's very regimental and i'm pretty sure he has a bit of doggy OCD. he likes routine and for things to stay the same. my dad used a new coffee mug recently and louie cried and cried because it was different. (i'm actually not joking) every night at 9.30pm he goes into the garden to pee and every night at 10pm he goes to bed. he will literally stop whatever he's doing and walk to bed at 10pm no matter what's happening. he gets very confused when the clocks change because apparently pugs don't work to day light saving time.

i've opted not to breed louie thus far just because it's never felt right. he still has his bits but he's never bothered to hump which i'm not sure if weird or not.. he does occasionally try it on his dad (I KNOW) but that's more of a dominance thing i think. and he always loses because his dad is the boss. (pictured above)

louie still doesn't bark at other dogs even if they bark/act aggressive towards him. he cowers and cries until someone picks him up. he's still the wimpy kid at school who cries to his mum or sits by the teacher at lunchtime. i'm okay with that though! he does however hate horses... on tv. he's very good at watching tv and learns which adverts have horses in and he shouts before the advert even starts. little weirdo.

lou loves all dogs/cats/everything but he does have a best pal/boyfriend and they are so in love. they went for a romantic stroll on the beach a few weeks ago and look how closely the walk together. they're completely besotted with each other and they even know where each other lives! SO CUTE, RIGHT? shame they're both boys because they'd make excellent babies.


  1. My gosh, this was the cutest update ever. Lou has such a personality and I love seeing him pop up on my Instagram feed! How funny about the whole mug thing and Daylight Savings too!! x

  2. he sounds so much like nev <3 neville still has his bits to and has never humped. Pugs just bring so much joy to the world don't they. Looking dapper Lou! xxx

  3. I had better get to meet his Pugship! He's such a beauty.


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