Top Tips and Advice for Plus-Size Style

With most UK women size 16 or above, the idea of plus-size doesn’t really exist. It’s more like “normal” and dressing to suit your body shape can be an ordeal regardless of how big, or small, you are. Curves need to be celebrated and, with a few snippets of advice, you’ll be able to complement your body shape in no time.

First thing’s first, you need to establish what body shape you are. If you are classed as ‘plus-size’, you’ll likely be apple-shaped, pear-shaped or hourglass. Once you know what shape you are, you can get down to the nitty gritty and style yourself to suit your shape, building confidence and self-esteem as you go!
  •  Hourglass shapes are typically curvaceous, with symmetrically curvy hips and bust. 
  •  Pear Shaped ladies have larger hips than bust. 
  •  Apple Shaped ladies may feel that their tummy is full and round, thus creating a larger waist. 
We should also consider the top-heavy girls out there, whose bust is the most dominant part of their bodies. Once you have settled on the body shape that best describes you, read on! There are some great tips and styling advice that will be able to help you create an enviously fabulous wardrobe in no time. 

Dress your Body Shape 
The key to dressing your body shape is to create the illusion of balance. For example, if you’re hourglass, you should show off your curves! Plenty of women would kill to have curves like yours! You could add a quality midi skirt from George that emphasises your waist and shows of your figure, perhaps. Meanwhile, if you’re pear-shaped, you may wish to add a blazer to your outfit, which would add shoulder width to balance out your hips.

Know what works
Just because you’ve seen the latest style on the catwalk doesn’t mean it’s going to work for your body, your style or your personality. Know what works and what you feel comfortable in.

Emphasise your assets
What do you love about your body? Are your legs to die for? Do you love your bust? Emphasise what you love and your confidence will soar. A midi skirt, for example, would show off your pins while still exuding elegance and sophistication. Use colours to your advantage – highlight the bits you love with a statement accessory or a bright piece of clothing, to draw attention to it.

Wear the right underwear
The surprising problem with many outfits is the underwear that’s underneath them. Make sure that if you have a large bust, you wear a well-fitting bra that has been measured for you. Equally, if you’d like to smooth your silhouette, wear shapewear that will help to cover any lumps and bumps.

Stick to smaller prints
If you’ve been paying attention to the catwalk, you’ll know that prints are back on top of the seasonal trend list, and if you’d like to dabble with them, opt for the smaller prints which will be more flattering. Emphasise your assets and brush past the bits that you’re not so confident with – you’ll be feeling fiiiiine in no time!

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