Valentine’s Blues Remedy Kit

Another year, another tacky and over-commercialised day has passed where those with significant others are expected to announce their love with over the top gestures. Never mind the fact that nearly all ideas of love point towards spontaneous shows of affection, the 14th of February is firmly cemented as the time for couples to get cheesy. For singletons, it’s never any fun and you can be forgiven for wanting to make the whole thing a distant memory as quick as possible. If you were celebrating singledom this year and are struggling to shake the post-valentines’ blues, get yourself the following essentials and prepare to forget all about the shameless cheese that couples have been plastering all over Facebook recently.

Whatever you do, try not to overdo it here. You want to have some feel good munchies rather than overindulge and end up feeling physically sick as well as metaphorically sick with Valentine’s Day. Get in some good food and yes, buy yourself some ice-cream – but maybe go for the 500ml tub instead of the 2 litre you’re mentally reaching for right now.

There are no shortage of chick flicks that are designed to help you forget your love-life woes in the world. Yet wait, they don’t help you do that at all! There’s always a love interest and our ‘heroine’ always ends up with him in some cheesy, boring and totally Valentine’s Day-esque way! Spurn the likes of Bridget Jones and Sex and the City and pick something with a strong, capable woman who you can totally relate to as you dig a spoon into that 2-litre tub you were told to stay away from. Alien, Terminator 2 and any action flick with Angelina Jolie in will show you the kickass independent type you’ll want to feel like rather than the soppy romantic who will flunk out at the first sign of their dream guy deciding they have time for her now.

In the past couple of years there has only been one way to relax in total don’t-give-a-damn comfort. The onesie is the perfect garment for sitting around watching films and forgetting about the silly things in life that are getting on your nerves. Valentine’s Day can be a faint memory with George's range of onesies for women, which offer great styles for relaxing in during your film sessions (try not to get any ice cream on yours).

What’s going to turn this from a battle against self-loathing and despair to an actually enjoyable evening of excellent films and cheeky snacking? Doing so with other humans present. Share your evening with some friends who are in the same boat and you can make some good memories rather than just try and push out undesirable ones. Probably best to tell them to bring their own ice cream.

There’s no need to make a big deal out of not making a big deal of Valentine’s Day, but if you manage to have a great night without the need for faux-romance and OTT acts of scheduled love, then more power to you.

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