loupug turns 4.

yesterday my little fat pug turned four years old. i honestly can't believe it's been three years since i wrote about his first birthday! that was such a mother type thing to say, sorry. it's crazy how much he's changed since then, he's properly grown into his rolls and wrinkles and he even sports a little grey chin now. he's his very own little character now and completely understands you when you talk to him. he knows where his pug friends live and if you let him, will take you there when you walk him. he yawns when you tickle his chin and he really doesn't like horses. he absolutely loves children and recently was caught licking a small child's mini milk out of her hand. other dogs (apart from pugs and his best friend the dobermann) tend not to like him so much and he's been attacked quite a few times in his little life and you'd think by now he'd perhaps retaliate or try to fight back but, he doesn't. he cowers and cries which is heartbreaking but he doesn't have an aggressive bone is his little fat body. i know people say you should never trust a dog 100% as they can always turn, but i 100% trust loupug. he spends most of his time sleeping and the rest of it eating - he refuses to eat on a sunday because he knows he'll get a sunday roast. he goes to the toilet every night at 9.30pm and goes to bed every night at 10pm. don't ask me how he can tell the time though, because i have no idea.


  1. He is seriously too cute :) xx

  2. Happy Birthday handsome little man!!!!



  3. Happy Birthday Lou pug, I no for sure you and Neville pug would be the best of friends! x

  4. Oh I love this little darling! Youre so lucky!

    Sue, London x

  5. Aw what a lovely baby, youre so lucky, I adore him.


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