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happy halloween! i thought today would be the best day for a not so secret goth like myself to pick up blogging again. although there's a couple of posts here and there i haven't really blogged properly since 2012, and i'm not too sure why.

i guess my life has changed quite a lot since i used to blog reguarly. i live in london with a boy and have a real job. i feel like blogging has changed so drastically since i started that it almost became overwhelming. there's so many amazing blogs out there and so many oppourtunities i just didn't know where i fit into that.

when i started blogging i never expected anyone to even read it and i didn't even KNOW the free stuff that came with it. i'm definitely not a 'popular' blogger by any means so i never ever expected to be sent things to review or offered money in exchange for posts. isn't it fascinating how that's just the norm now? bloggers are sent items in exchange for their (hopefully) kind words.

i don't know about you, but i think it's got to a point now where once devoted readers are now questioning bloggers more. as a reader it's a little off putting to see 10 blog posts in a row by 10 different bloggers all praising and bowing down to the latest beauty release that was sent as a press sample and which the blogger was likely paid to write.

new launches now "land on desks" daily and although there's absolutely nothing wrong with that it also makes it harder for the average blogger to keep up, and harder for the average reader to understand. most bloggers pride themselves on being 100% honest, and i do believe the majority are... but surely seeing 10 positive reviews about the same thing in a row must seem even a little fishy to them? i know i've felt a bit funny posting about something everyone's raving about in the past, even if i had paid for it!

i didn't expect to ever feel overwhelmed or anything negative towards my blog but i suppose i have. during my massively long break away though, i've also realised i do actually really miss blogging! i just need to go back to the beginning. i started my blog because i wanted to and it's just a bonus that people chose to read it (past tense because you may all have disappeared by now!) and that's all that matters. i love all the lovely people i've met through blogging and i love speaking to bloggers on twitter SO THAT'S WHAT I'M GOING TO DO.

no pressure, no promises just back to filling my happy little space on the internet with things that make me happy. i hope you stick around.


  1. Have to agree with you about blogging! I guess we all have to just keep going with what we feel comfortable with.


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