new shoes

topshop frieda lace up shoes, £26

it's that time of the year again where my £4 primark shoes can't cope with the rain and consequently fall apart after about 2 days. this is where most people turn to boots, but i really struggle with boots! firstly i'm incredibly fussy and usually find it a struggle to find boots i like, and secondly i'm in between shoe sizes and have a slightly higher arch than normal so finding boots that actually fit properly isn't easy either. a stressful situation if i ever did witness one.

so i tend to turn to brogues in autumn/winter time. shoes that cover a little bit more than pumps and that will hopefully last a little longer than a few days. although these topshop ones aren't real leather, i really liked the mock croc and gold detailing, and they seem somewhat better quality... so thought they'd get me through until i can at least find something more long-lasting! any suggestions would be lovely.

these also come in tan which i was tempted by, but black and gold is one of my all time favourite combos and i guess you can't really go wrong with black. 

whilst in topshop i also picked up a new cream cable knit bobble hat which is HUGE and snuggly. paid slightly more than i wanted to for a hat but the massive pompom seriously won me over.

i guess it's officially winter then.


  1. These are lovely- just what I need! Not a bad price either.


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