loupug's letter to santa

it's christmas NEXT WEEK! as always i'm never quire prepared and loupug wanted this post to be up a few weeks ago but we're hoping santa still might see it in time though... fingers crossed! over to little loulou... 

all items available from pets at home

dear santa paws,

my name is loupug and i turned four this year. i've always been a pretty well behaved pug apart from that one time i did a wee on my granddads pillow a few years back but i hope you don't hold that against me. we all make mistakes, right? this year has seen my chin turn grey and i think i'm getting old now because sometimes i don't even bother chasing cyclists (much) anymore. i do still like shouting at horses on tv though which no one seems to appreciate but i just don't understand how these horses get in my house!??! they soon go away when i shout at the top of my lungs at them though.

for christmas this year i'd really like a new leader, mine is getting a little frayed now since i like to drag my mama around corners (and trees...) quite fast when i see birds i want to chase. it's getting colder now too so i'd love a new jumper or waterproof coat to keep me warm. i struggle to find clothes to fit me because i have a big chest and little body so i hope you can help me! i'd love a big furry blanket to snuggle into as well, i usually snuggle into my humans dressing gowns but sometimes they get cold too so i'd love my own.

i'd also really like some cuddly toys please. i like toys i can chew and play pug of war with, i don't really like playing with balls - well - i do, but i prefer it when the humans do the chasing. i'm a bit of a diva, actually. mama says it's a pug thing. she also makes me wear doggy deodorant and aftershave so i smell nice for the bitches, so it'd make us both happy if you could include some in my stocking please. i sometimes get a dry nose because i've got a flat face and like to sniff everything so some balm to help that would be amazing - even better if it tastes nice. i like things that taste nice.

thank you santa

love loupug
4 years 4 months


  1. AWWWWWWWWH LOUPUG. I hope you get all the presents you want.

  2. This is so lovely haha! I love your pug!! Xx



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