happy 2015! to be honest my year hasn't gone off to the best start, we're 4 days in now and i've only managed to leave my flat once because i've been so unwell. (still haven't managed to put a bra on yet.) i get terrible cabin fever so being indoors for an entire week has been horrific. no celebrating new year - no NOTHING. anyway.. going to the doctor tomorrow so i'll hopefully get over it soon.

before we move into 2015 though i wanted to share a little bit of december first. it was a super overwhelming and busy month, which started with... getting engaged! my boyfriend, err i mean.. fiancee is much better at being soppy and lovely than i am so if you want to read about what happened you can do so on his blog here.

i'll be honest though - being engaged is weird. i was never one of those girls who dreamed of getting married or wearing a big beautiful dress or all of that kind of stuff. i genuinely never thought i would get married, and i'm still struggling (in a good way!) with the news that i will be... no one really tells you how to react when someone asks you to be their wife, do they? of course it's incredibly emotional and as i said, super overwhelming but then what..? well, you FaceTime your parents and dog, post a picture on instagram, have some champagne and then you go and watch eastenders, that's what.

and here is the ring! seb designed it himself which makes it even more special. it's rose gold with a heart cut diamond and it's absolutely perfect for me. literally could not have picked anything more amazing myself, which is good really since it's going to be on my finger FOREVER. 

i'm still overwhelmed. we're still overwhelmed. we're still unsure how or where or when we want to get married but i guess i'll keep you updated! we're not religious at all so there won't be any big church wedding or anything, as beautiful as they are. watch this space!

and then we went to paris! (with a selfie stick, if you couldn't guess already..) which was lots of fun. we started 2014 there, so it was nice to end it there too. we stayed in a lovely hotel and explored the christmas markets late at night and ate... cheese.. and.. drank.. wine. seb's mum lives in paris so we were able to share our news with her in person too which was an added bonus. 

i may or may not have spent far too much money in sephora and in the pharmacy, as usual... two days after we got back from paris we made our way up north to start a christmas adventure. we saw our lovely friends get married in durham cathedral which was incredible, and then we partied on into the night at durham castle and it was all very special and exactly like being in a harry potter film. their wedding was absolutely perfect and i hope i have as much fun on my own wedding day!

after a quick stop off at my parents house in newcastle we then went up to edinburgh for a couple of days which was lovely. the train journey from newcastle to edinburgh is gorgeous, and i say that as someone who does not care about trains or scenery or.. you know. we visited the christmas market (obviously i'm all about the markets) and drank HOT GIN. we wandered around and admired the castle whilst generally loving life. i tried a macaroni pie from greggs which is as disgusting as it sounds but i can confirm they are an actual real thing. i even saw someone eating one in the street looking like he was enjoying it... just be thankful they haven't crossed the border is all i'm saying.

we went back to newcastle for christmas with my family and dressed loupug up as an elf. we wore christmas jumpers and drank a lot of wine. (well i did anyway.) apart from a six hour train back to london (#kingscrosstrains) it was a great trip!

putting this all together probably explains why i'm so poorly now though. in december i've gone from london - paris - london - newcastle - durham - newcastle - edinburgh - newcastle - london. phew. here's hoping 2015 is as exciting as the month of december ey! 

happy new year everyone. :-) 


  1. Congratulations lady! What a gorgeous ring, too. Sorry you've had a poorly start to 2015, onwards and onwards from here! x

  2. Happy new year and congratulations! Hope you feel better soon, a bit of fresh air might help even if it's just to the shop. Take it easy and I hope 2015 is wonderful for you!

  3. Oh my goodness, congratulations! That ring is so beautiful. I've been poorly too, it's not fun! I hope you fell better soon :)

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  4. Congratulations! Your ring is absolutely gorgeous :) xx


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